Friday, July 30, 2010

king of anything

been rusty here..
my blog, and me.

the fishes dont live with the bears

life's been good, i think ive been an adult pretty well in this world.
do the things i should do (not all cause im lazy), say the things i should say, and see the things i should see too.
i procrastinate pretty well too, and thats why im always late.
seriously wardrobe malfunction is the killer of my time, it never fails me a single time.

feeling uncomfortable?
no no winners dont whine, only losers do.
always find a new route when ure stuck, cause the worst solution is when u dont move at all.
nobody will pity u, and u dont even have to pity on urself.
cause ure super great, and nobody can bring u down.
unless u allow them to.
so dont cry infront of people who made u cry, smile infront of them even u feel like crying.
that is not pretend, that is what i called the way of living.

time made me realise things..
"its impossible to make everyone happy so just flee flee flee!"

i feel safe with my baby

he always pamper me with his love and money, and he definately deserve to be my one and only.
there's so many times i feel like i dont treat him well enough but im gonna do better.
honestly, i never thought i could find a man like him again in my life.
he might be imperfect, but he do love me and treat me like his queen.
im a terrible gf at times, but i do love him.

"kissing never felt any better when im with u.."