Thursday, August 5, 2010


i always put up a brave front, but actually i had been thinking about it over and over again almost everyday.
i could even cry suddenly when im outside with him sometimes.
and that is so bloody lame.
i might seem over-reacting, petty, rude, and unreasonable.
im down cause i cared about them too much, but they doesnt know.
im down cause i had been to sch for 3 months already, but they doesnt know when is the exact date.
im down cause we seemed uninvited most of the times, and i feel as if im begging them to ask us out.
im down cause she doesnt like my bf, only.
im down cause i cant always make two sides happy, end up i have to swallow unhappiness in silence.
im down cause i had to accept such facts, knowing i cant change anything.
im down cause i experienced reality.
"u and us, u and bf, are two different things, the most important is that he loves u, not whether we like him a not."
i went home and ponder about that statement for very long of time and even though i know it make sense, but i still dont feel quite comfortable about it.
however im not going to be so pessimistic or else someone would gonna say me keep thinking things in a negative way.
so im just gonna be positive now, and should agree to that statement.
im learning to adopt a totally new perspective now, and need some time too.
i feel different, i dont know its a good or bad way.
but im still me, and that will never change.

Friday, July 30, 2010

king of anything

been rusty here..
my blog, and me.

the fishes dont live with the bears

life's been good, i think ive been an adult pretty well in this world.
do the things i should do (not all cause im lazy), say the things i should say, and see the things i should see too.
i procrastinate pretty well too, and thats why im always late.
seriously wardrobe malfunction is the killer of my time, it never fails me a single time.

feeling uncomfortable?
no no winners dont whine, only losers do.
always find a new route when ure stuck, cause the worst solution is when u dont move at all.
nobody will pity u, and u dont even have to pity on urself.
cause ure super great, and nobody can bring u down.
unless u allow them to.
so dont cry infront of people who made u cry, smile infront of them even u feel like crying.
that is not pretend, that is what i called the way of living.

time made me realise things..
"its impossible to make everyone happy so just flee flee flee!"

i feel safe with my baby

he always pamper me with his love and money, and he definately deserve to be my one and only.
there's so many times i feel like i dont treat him well enough but im gonna do better.
honestly, i never thought i could find a man like him again in my life.
he might be imperfect, but he do love me and treat me like his queen.
im a terrible gf at times, but i do love him.

"kissing never felt any better when im with u.."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sweetest thing

i felt so blessed with this man's tenderness towards me from time to time..

surprising me with roses all these while
and never fail to make me smile
he picked me up whenever i was down
and kiss me with his very big mouth


Thursday, April 22, 2010

a new phase of life

i can't believe im writing my blog again after all these while especially at this very late hour where i have to wake up in another 4 hours time so that i can bathe and can ready to get my ass off the house and reach baby's place at 10 am!

P.S: i sincerely hope that i can be a punctual person in my next life

so so..we'll be going to malaysia johor bahru for our 6th month anniversary.
its our first time going out of singapore and i think he's much more excited than me cause he's AFRAID TO GET LOST...
how cute was that :)

a lot of things happened during the last 6 months, all we can do for staying strong is to look at love with our naked eyes and make full use of them; to treasure it no matter what.

im going for that at Kaplan.
starting from this april, ending on nxt august.
my career will start from there.
i wish myself all the best lol.

work life started for the girls, and it proved how harsh the reality is.
u want money?
more money?
then work more.
how good if we can all go back to our carefree life doing nothing but chit-chatting our lifes away.

i couldnt deny, how ugly i can be sometimes.
it just simply irritates me so much.
the feeling is, "yucks, get the hell off my sight!"


Friday, January 29, 2010

life is a roller coaster

time really flies

its been 1 month since im back in singapore, and its been 1 month since i updated my blog!

my days had been very busy, up til now i dont remember there's a day i've been resting at home.
however, i enjoy being busy rather then doing nothing at home.
but that also means, i neglected my work.
im just too lazy to do anything regarding about work after im back from bangkok.
hopefully there's still other things for me to do before i graduate so that i can buck up!

going out with baby is my sweetest pleasure, meeting up with the girls is like total fun, spending time with my family is another wonderful moment.

there're days where i felt like shit, when im having problems with both my baby and my girl.
there're days where i felt so adored, when baby shouted I LOVE U loudly in the middle of the crowd.
there're days where i felt happily spoiled, when baby keep buying me flowers and lollipops.
there're days where i felt magical, when baby looked into my eyes with a smile on his face.
there is a day i felt like there's a rainbow after the storm, when my girl is smiling again.

nothing is going to work smoothly forever, people just have to keep moving on towards a brighter future.
when u fell down, dont ask anyone to pull u up, u have to climb up urself.
u'll be braver, stronger, and happier.


our first date at my house

our very first bus ride going to town together

went to his school and fetch him for the first time

our first neoprint

the first lunchbox i made for him

kissing in his school library

the first time he cooked for me onion eggs

eating ice-kachang with his girlfriend had been his dream since young and i think he had fufilled it

our first bear-hug

i had always wanted to take this picture with my boyfriend and i did it

the first time we went arcade to play

the first outing with my family to zoo

the couple rings he bought for us

our happy 3 months

we just took this yesterday at orchard central after he pon school


i haven been taking photos with the girls!
i got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night.
we're going out later on our usual friday girls' night and we're making an advance birthday celebration for our ho mei mei.
will be taking truckloads of photos to make up for the past 1 month.
gonna bathe now!