Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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due to the law..
we can't stay in bangkok for more than 3 months. if so, we had to travel to another country to get our visas stamped. But, the school dont allow us to travel to another country! example cambodia, a very dangerous place. the school thought that the company can extend our visas here in bangkok but due to some internal reason it cant be done.

we are informed to come back to singapore now to continue our IP in singapore instead!

we will be departing from bangkok on thurs 9.20pm, and arriving singapore on fri 12.45am.


Monday, December 28, 2009

merry christmas

taxi oh taxi bring us to Platinum on our christmas eve can?

ah we need shopping bags to bring our clothes back back back to singapore!

mang guo nian nian fan(direct translation from me lol) is my all time favourite

me and mindy outside the shopping paradise!

we met up for like 5 mins and off we go to do our own shopping already LOL.
though its a short period of time, but we're very happy we see each other at bkk!

when we got home..
we recieved christmas gifts from our supervisor!
it was sweet of him

its cute though it looks clumsy and stupid


the castle condominium beside our house

Kanchanapisek Bridge: the longest cable stayed bridge in Thailand

a beautiful sunset during our dinner at Chao Phraya River

In these dreams I've loved you so, that by now I think I know what it's like to be loved by you. I will love being loved by you. - The King and I

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2 vietnam dolls

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him: "i really dont know what to buy there..vietnam old old one nothing much."

me: "nvm la :)"

him: "na, vietnam dolls, me and u."

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return - Moulin Rouge

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thailand Hua Hin Trip

we went to Hua Hin for a short getaway from last fri night to saturday night!
it took 3 hours of travel time by the coach bus from Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal to travel to there.
each ticket only costed
160baht($7) and buses depart regularly at a 40 mins time interval from 4am to 10pm.
it is very convenient to go there whenever u want from Bangkok and the bus ride was pretty comfortable even though they drive very fast.

when we reached the place, we have to walk around to find ourselves a hotel as it was late midnight and most hotels/inns are already closed.
we happened to saw this small, shadowy alley which actually leads us directly to the beach.
we walked through it and the min we stepped on the sand, a time for admiration is all we need.

standing on the beach, it seems like the sea was singing a song from the sounds of the gentle waves. the sky is full of luminous stars, and the beauty of the image at that moment was simply beyond words.

after 1 hour plus of searching for a place to stay overnight for, we finally got ourselves a guest house which is near to the beach.
it costed 600baht($26) for 2 people for a room per night.
to sum up all, Hua Hin is really a relaxing, much more slow-paced place as compared to Bangkok where buzzling is all u can feel.

if u have a chance, u must go there!

A visit to Pala U Waterfall
it is a 15-level waterfall along a creek stretching out to the Burmese border. we travelled for 1 hour journey by cab to there and paid an entrance fee of 200baht as we're tourists. as for the Thai, they only have to pay 100baht for it.

and guess how many levels had we climbed in 1 hour?

only 5 levels.
sightseeing, playing in the ice-cold water, and the guys doing waterfall jumping taken us quite awhile there.
time do not allow us to climb more as we have to go down the hill to meet our taxi driver within a few hours of time.
it was amazing how we managed to climb those slippery rocks and dangerous hill routes with only our slippers on.
however some rock paths are really too risky if we dont walk with our bare-foots and so we took them off and climb like modern cavemen and cavewomen.
we really had a lot of fun there!

a day to start..
brought my tube dress, my bikini, my flower, my shades, my slippers.
thinking of sun-tanning, swimming, taking truck loads of photos on the beach.
HOWEVER, plan changed suddenly to go to the waterfall instead of the beach on the saturday, that very morning.
anyway, it was a good trip too.
it was really a once in a lifetime experience!

50 pictures below!

black and white never fails to make a classic one

hello flower girl

u wanna put a flower in my hair?

beautiful rose

our guest house

our supervisor sonha

the 3 guys

us on the big cab

pink is love

a sunny yet cooling day

stupid face 1

lame face 2

close eyes face 3

tired face 4

anything face 5

long road journey

our ticket to the waterfall


the map which is with thai words we dont understand anything at all

this 2 idiots love to take shots like this

on the rock

on the bridge

they're feeding the fishes

the waterfall at level 5

the guys on their way to climb up the rocks to jump down from the waterfall

shi kang climbing

they jumped down with sonha

spot me

the mini waterfall

leaving the place

sonha pushing me

the fishes

DONE! :) :) :) :) :) :)